Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The What If

     What are we preparing for? What could go wrong? Why do I need to worry about these things? Well in a nutshell, you've all heard of Cause and Effect.  We have seen the cause....get ready for the effect.  That effect could be as localized as the primary bread winner losing their job, or as large as a global economic collapse. It could be as minor as a local power outage, or as significant as a large scale disaster. Each of these types and scales of disasters will be discussed at length in future posts.

     The basic requirements of preparedness and survival are the same regardless of the situation. You will need shelter, water, food, fire, and tools. We'll also get into great detail each of  those requirements in the coming posts. For people who will be "bugging out" in the event of a disaster, those needs take on a whole different meaning. We live in the suburbs....no one will be "bugging out" to the suburbs.

     There aren't a lot of reasons I can think of to abandon my home, storage foods, tools, firearms, water supply, extra clothing, etc. There is no way I can carry all of the stuff I would need for myself and my family should I just up and leave.I have planned to "bug in".   I could carry some things in my truck, traffic allowing of course. Anyone who has tried to leave a suburban area on the friday before a long weekend can understand why that's not a great idea. Can you IMAGINE what it would be like is things were really bad on a large scale.

     Unless my house is on fire, under water, under seige, in the pathway of fallout, or near the source of a contagion breakout.....I'll be bugging IN. Most suburbanites will most likely "bug in", or dig in, or hunker down, or whatever you want to call it. Why? There are LOTS of reasons. If you've ever tried to take a 4 year old to the grocery store, you can imagine what would happen if you put a bag on their back and tried to walk farther than 20 feet through adverse conditions.

     Should you have a Bug Out Bag, and/or a Get Home Bag? Absolutely. My philosophy is that I need to get home first, then go somewhere else IF I need to.  I plan to regroup with my family at home and assess the situation. The decidse whether to Alamo Up or Bug Out .

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