Monday, September 5, 2011

The Why

     I live in the suburbs. The 'Burbs if you will. I don't have a 20 acre retreat to do with as I please. No chicken coop, bug out vehicle, 2000 square foot garden, shooting range, fishing pond, etc. What I DO have is a 1/2 acre plot, a mini-van, a contentious HOA, a honey-do list, three kids (one in college, one in 5th grade, and one in diapers), and a crazy schedule with hardly a minute to spare. Under those circumstances, survival takes on a whole new meaning.

     I've been into the preparedness lifestyle, or survival, or whatever you want to call it, for as long as I can remember. My mother was a depression era baby and being prepared to "do without", should we need to, was just a way of life. Sometimes it seemed a little much. Now that I have a family of my own and see the fragile circumstances in which most of us live, it reinforces the way i was raised.

     My preparations, or preps, have evolved as much as I have evolved over the years. What started out as a cheap back pack for a Bug Out Bag, filled with Ramen noodles, and topped off with a compass handled Rambo knife, has been quite a journey. As in many things, life events dictate your ability (or lack there of) to react to circumstances beyond your control. However, careful preparation and planning can ease your mind and provide you with some options should said events beyond your control actually occur. Options are your best friend. Having choices is often times better than having cash in hand.

     In the coming posts I'll talk about what choices I have created for myself. Hopefully, you'll see some parallels between my life and yours and you can make some of my options work for you as well. If you have ideas that you feel would benefit others, please let me know. I'm also doing a podcast, not yet  released, but I would love to hear your ideas and maybe have you on for an episode.


  1. Just wanted to let you know that I've been reading your more recent posts and I'm starting at the beginning sine I enjoy them so much. Thanks for sharing your experiences!